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M&S Gruseck GmbH is a manufacturer of tools and wear parts for the sectors recycling, foundation drilling, forestry mulchers and agriculture.In addition to these components, the company also fabricates products for various other markets and applications. This includes screen drums, as well as stationary screening plants, pipeline construction, tank and container construction and general engineering.

The company currently has two production sites, where tool production, engineering, as well as processing and quality control are located. Thus, M&S Gruseck GmbH meets the quality requirements for “Made in Germany“. In cooperation with its long-term partners, the products, the know-how and the vertical range of manufacture have continuously improved.  Since the company´s foundation in 2003, it has established itself in the fields mentioned above and is now selling its products and services all over the world.

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M&S Gruseck Gmbh

Location I

Area13.000 m²
LocationKippenheim (DE)
M&S Gruseck Gmbh
Area6.000 m²

Location II


Quality with the highest standards

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
Through certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we are improving our quality standards in all areas. The quality requirements demanded therein lead to a standardization of processes and procedures required in quality management. The result is consistent products and services that are made available to customers and at the same time offer sustainability. The process is subject to continuous improvement and documentation.

Q & A 

What services can M&S GRUSECK offer for you?

Wear tools for the fields agricultural technology, forestry mulchers, recycling, special foundation engineering and much more. Screen drums as well as stationary screening plants from layout to service on-site. Twin-shaft-shredders, machine components, engineering services and wage labours. All from a single source for customer’s benefit.

What is the philosophy of M&S GRUSECK?

The company stands for quality and sustainability “made in Germany“. Use of high-quality material, qualified employees as well as long-standing, cooperatively collaboration. Contribution of know-how and expert knowledge to ensure optimised application and use.

Which competencies does the company offer to you?

Due to the structure of product ranges, machine capacities, services and qualified employees, M&S Gruseck GmbH offers its partners an extensive competence. From engineering, construction and development, production and service on-site, to a wide product range, the company offers an “all-in-one“-package for the costumer’s benefit.

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